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Welcome to our page of FAQs for garage door repair. Consumers get the answers they want. Suited to meet your needs, our answers are meant for everyone and that's why they are short and simple. We can help you solve problems, so read on.

My garage door has frozen shut, how do I open it?

Icy conditions can sometimes take us by surprise, so it is not unusual for a garage door to be frozen shut. Technicians from Garage Door Repair Sunnyvale see many cases where water has leaked through a damaged seal and become frozen. The easiest way to open the door is to gently melt the ice with a hairdryer. When the ice is melted, open the door and check the bottom seal for any signs of wear or damage. This may need to be replaced to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Why can’t I close my garage door?

There are a number of potential reasons why your garage door may not close. Garage Door Repair Sunnyvale  advises that the most common cause is a fault with the safety eyes. You can check if they are properly aligned by looking at the lights. If they are blinking, it is an indication that they are misaligned. This can allow the door to close on some occasions but not on others. The safety eyes can also be compromised by debris accumulating on them.

Should I get glass garage doors?

Glass garage doors will be ideal at homes with a great view of Sunnyvale. The meaning of installing glass doors is to have the capacity to admire the external environment and they would also be perfect for homeowners, who like to spend time in the garage. You don't have to worry about extra garage door repair than usual because they are highly resistant to humidity and the natural light will have great effects on your health.

What should I do before installing an electric operator?

Reinforcing the top section of the garage with a strut is advisable. Alternately you could install a 14-gauge angle iron that should span the entire length of the top section of the garage. Our professionals can inspect the garage and provide recommendations before installation.

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