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The best gift our company can do to you is to provide some excellent tips about garage doors. They can be helpful in times of need or when you want to make decisions. Follow our tips and you'll be a winner. They are excellent, smart, short, and useful in many situations. The tips for garage door repair which make maintenance easy. The best advice out there. Wouldn't you love to have some assistance with garage door matters? These tips will do

Testing door opener

Garage Door Repair Sunnyvale experts recommend testing the door opener's reversing mechanism at least once a month. Try placing any object in the door's path and then watch if the door reverses if it comes in contact with the object. If that does not happen then it is time for some serious repair. If the door opener has not been replaced or checked in the last few years, now is the time to do it.

Garage door safety tip

Never leave a garage door partially open even for a minute. The door may start moving downwards on activation and may possibly cause injury if anyone is standing under it. Also avoid rushing in or out of the garage while the door is in motion as it could be dangerous. Read through the owner's manual and understand how the garage door's emergency release feature works.

How to eliminate noise in the garage

The usual noise comes from the mechanical garage door parts, which haven't been lubricated recently. Lubrication maintenance will reduce the noise enormously but you need to lubricate the chain of the garage door motors, too. If you want complete silence, you must replace the chain drive garage door opener with a belt drive. You must also use good quality lubricants and don't overdo it.

What to do when the power is cut

Garage door systems have an emergency release cord, which can be pulled to turn the electric garage door into a manual one. This way, you can move in and out but you need to know what to do before this time comes because you cannot search for the cord in the dark. New electric garage door openers have batteries for backup automatic operation.

Invest in safety

Garage doors ought to work with safety and that's why their maintenance should be your number one priority according to Garage Door Repair Sunnyvale. You can also install new electric openers with multiple safety features, check the sensors regularly and make sure the kids do not play with the clicker.

Get oil tempered springs

The wires of oil tempered garage door springs are heated in high temperatures and then cooled down abruptly and then reheated again and this procedure is what makes these kinds of springs extremely strong and resistant against peculiar conditions. It's also good to have such strong springs with heavy doors and in hurricane prone areas, too.

Have your garage door checked periodically

Garage doors have a certain period of time when it should be check regularly and it is commonly found in the manual or instructions for care. Periodic check-up will allow you to detect problems that may not be noticeable at first, but can be serious in the future. Regular check-ups are also cheaper in the long run.

Garage doors are dangerous if misused

Garage doors and their opener units are not toys. Therefore, they should never be adjusted or repaired by someone who does not have any experience in dealing with this type of door. Adjusting certain critical components like springs can cause serious injuries, so never attempt any repair on your own.

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